Welcome to the Eavesdropper Institute!

The declining fortunes of the print news industry coincided with the impending retirement of the entire editorial staff of the Eavesdropper Newspaper.  The intrepid reporters of that storied publication have therefore found it convenient to found the Eavesdropper Institute.  Here they will continue their focus-deficient reporting on any and all stories that are important, interesting, or amusing (to them).

The Eavesdropper newspaper used pseudonyms for the amusement of its readers, and the Institute continues in that fine and principled tradition.  Currently posted authors include:

Michael Morley – Most senior writer, financial backer, website manager, and militant generalist.  Morley graduated college with a degree in physics, only to promptly leave the hard sciences for an apprenticeship in social psychology, and later a job in political science research and simulation.

J. H. Sutherland – The well-traveled product of a warm and sunny liberal arts education, Sutherland is the Institute’s resident Beijing-ologist, with further interests in Economics and Fine Literature.

Dick Beck – Once a hard-hitting investigative journalist, Beck spent a bit too much time in museums, developing a taste for art, a feel for for its market, and a relaxed perspective on due-dates.  Expect to see commentaries on economics, art, or both.