Welcome to Cyberpunk

When I wrote ‘The Atlantic Looks Forward to Americas Next Great Authoritarian‘ I did not know that Glenn Greenwald would shortly write a very similar article. He too considered Trump’s supposed legacy as an authoritarian and found the evidence wanting on much the same grounds as I did. He too followed up this initial ‘legacy’ […]

Russia is Celebrating

One of their missiles was used by ISIS to destroy an Abrams tank involved in the ongoing siege of Mosul. The video, originally posted by ISIS, was further broadcast by RT and is now on youtube.

Since the US-built Abrams is generally considered to be the world’s all-around best tank*, Russia is pleased to see […]

Wasted Potential

I’ve been watching drones for several years now, and since the very beginning I’ve claimed that drones have magnificent potential. It’s such a simple idea – so simple it can be applied to practically everything. Drones are a new kind of infrastructure, and infrastructure does to society what new detectors do to science – which […]

AIs and the Impending Singularity

Superintelligent AIs are coming! They’ll far outstrip anything mere mortal minds can comprehend, and either usher us into a utopia or negligently crush us on their way to turning the planet into a giant computerized doughnut.

Or maybe not. Despite the recent uptick in news on the subject, I think the focus is misplaced.


The Internet of Watchful Things

So right now the United States security services are beginning to realize the potential of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things refers to a sort of techno-utopian vision of computer chips being cheap enough to put into everything, adding new features and convenience to everything from light-switches to toothbrushes.

For some reason this […]

Tactical Depth

There is an interesting consequence of military drones and other (semi)autonomous war machines that I have not yet seen described anywhere else.

An urgent question for military planners throughout history has been: should we attack first (thereby gaining initiative and the element of surprise) or wait for the enemy to attack (thereby claiming moral superiority […]

Russian Memes

So you may have heard that Russia has clarified a policy on internet media to better protect the ‘honor, dignity, and business of public figures.’

This policy has already been the subject of much amusement in the Western world, and will probably continue to bounce around until late night comedians find some other piece of […]

GMO Safety – The Wrong Argument

Genetically Modified Organisms are Safe. Science says so, and (less abstractly) Bill Nye says so. There’s no reason to think ingesting them is any worse than any other organism. With lower incidence of pests and paraistes, they might even be safer. They increase crop productivity, thus helping keep people fed all over the world.

And […]

Old Drones & New Fears

Drones are in the news a lot these days. Whether it’s an NGIS proximately drinking and remotely driving his way onto the White House lawn, or reporters unwisely demonstrating the phenomenon that has had French security forces on high alert, drones are here to stay.

If only it were clear what a drone really was.