Reality Check to Aisle 3

Earlier this month, a short-lived debacle involving pre-peeled tangerines and their plastic packaging has thrown a harsh light on the supposed environmental friendliness of high-end grocery stores. Customers are drawn to supermarkets like Whole Foods, Fresh Market, and Trader Joe’s by the promise of quality food which isn’t oozing with preservatives and artificial colors, even […]

The Dabiq Experiment

The Islamic State (also known as IS, ISIS, ISIL, & Daesh) has provoked a lot of questions since it first exploded on the world stage. These questions range from the philosophical (the ever-popular “how can anyone be so cruel to another?”) through the practical (say, “is Assad now a potential ally?”). One of the more […]

Military Science

There’s an old joke about how military intelligence is an oxymoron.

Unfortunately, it appears that Military Science is as well.

The products of science are, of course, still in high demand. Consider the modern arsenal of fusion bombs, GPS guided missiles, autonomous weapons, fission powered submarines, and research into lasers, bioweapons, and railguns. Never has […]

Part 2: It’s Bad If Einstein Was Wrong

In Part 1, I covered some oddities that sprouted from the mathematics of Quantum Mechanics. I also stated, with minimal explanation, that Einstein strongly argued against any hint of faster than light communication, and that if he were wrong about that and faster than light communication did exist, then there would be extremely dire consequences […]

GMO Safety – The Wrong Argument

Genetically Modified Organisms are Safe. Science says so, and (less abstractly) Bill Nye says so. There’s no reason to think ingesting them is any worse than any other organism. With lower incidence of pests and paraistes, they might even be safer. They increase crop productivity, thus helping keep people fed all over the world.

And […]

Part 1: Quantum Mechanics is Insane

In this series of posts I am going to attempt to explain something that I never felt was properly explained to me. It involves Quantum Mechanics and some still-debated questions on the frontiers of physics. Most of the explanations I have heard involve either a lot of specialized mathematics, or poor analogies, or both. I […]