Wasted Potential

I’ve been watching drones for several years now, and since the very beginning I’ve claimed that drones have magnificent potential. It’s such a simple idea – so simple it can be applied to practically everything. Drones are a new kind of infrastructure, and infrastructure does to society what new detectors do to science – which […]

A Brief Exposition of Limited Government

I have fairly simple reasons for pushing for a more limited Federal government, and it has nothing to do with Libertarian ideology and everything to do with patriotism, as in, not risking dangerous stresses on something I’d rather see continue to exist.


What Good Are These Particular Presidents?

Previously, I have written about why the Presidency is important. Lest anyone think I was overcome by an uncharacteristic mood of sunny optimism and governmental idealism, I’d like to append to that statement by arguing that actual Presidents, within my political attention span, have been drastically less important than almost everyone thinks. Given I do […]

The Internet of Watchful Things

So right now the United States security services are beginning to realize the potential of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things refers to a sort of techno-utopian vision of computer chips being cheap enough to put into everything, adding new features and convenience to everything from light-switches to toothbrushes.

For some reason this […]

Revisiting Gun Rights for Terrorists

Some readers may remember a time not quite a year ago when I wrote an in-depth rebuttal of a New York Times Op-Ed titled “Gun Rights for Terrorists” by Mary Lewis Grow. I am a long-time critic of the watch-lists and no-fly lists that, hypothetically, are filled with dangerous characters bent on destruction, possibly via […]

Egypt: Why Not A Bomb?

On Halloween, a Russian airplane left the southern tip of Sinai, only to suffer a catastrophic failure and be scattered across several square miles of desert.

This is bad news for Russia, whose citizens died. It is bad news for the airline company, likely to lose business. It is bad news for Egypt, facing yet […]

What Good Is A President, Anyway?

As the interminable election season grinds on (though we are constantly assured that it is still ‘early days’ and that Trump still has plenty of time to self-destruct in a suitably flamboyant manner), I continue to attempt to ignore the ins and outs in the same way I try to ignore Christmas music in mid-November.


The Irony of Security

This won’t be a very long post. It hardly needs to be – the stories speak for themselves. Various security procedures, implemented at great cost, have made people less safe.

Recently, it was discovered that (presumably Chinese) hackers obtained access to millions of forms related to background checks of those who apply for U.S. security […]

Feared & Fearful

The United States is the predominant world power, the world’s lone superpower. This is said so often that it is easy to forget just how ridiculously unbalanced the situation really is.

The United States spends $581 Billion a year on its military, more than the next nine largest budgets put together. China, #2 on the […]

Russian Memes

So you may have heard that Russia has clarified a policy on internet media to better protect the ‘honor, dignity, and business of public figures.’

This policy has already been the subject of much amusement in the Western world, and will probably continue to bounce around until late night comedians find some other piece of […]